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Little and Big at same time! Little because we are a family-run company. Big because we have a very large list of succulent plants. Our offer is perfect for garden centers and supermarkets.

Our "Availability list"

During the year the varieties change on our "Availability list". Every two or three weeks, the photographic catalog is updated and send you. To have it you have to be a professional. Once registered through the form you will receive it regularly by email.

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An example of 5.5 cm pots in tray with 54 holes

An example of 10 cm stock ready for delivery preparation

An example of trolley ready for delivery with: 5,5 cm pots, 10,5 cm pots and a layer of Euphorbia Eritrea

10 cm pots

12 cm pots

15 cm pots

17 cm pots