We are based in the Italian Riviera where excellent microclimate allows us grow ours succulents mainly in open fields. A productive feature that grows plants with bright colors. Over an area of about 4,000 meters ours succulents have an unimaginable colors that cannot reach if produced under greenhouses.

To better explain we present you three differents varieties grown in greenhouses and open field. The comparison shows the remarkable changes of color and, especially for the Crassula, of "hardness".

The Kalanchoe thyrsiflora grown in under full sun have an incredible red color compared to same plant whose vegetation occurred in greenhouses.

Echeveria Elegance, that color ranging from white to pink, has also a more closed structure completely different than the greenhouse's plant (open and blue). As regards the Crassula ovata, in addition to the more red coloring, we get an harder texture.

The cultivation begins in the spring and the entire stock is delivered by next autumn